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We are REMSA Health

Health care has changed dramatically and so has the way that REMSA and Care Flight respond to calls for medical care. Populations need different approaches to accessing care, including receiving care when and where they need it.  In 2021, we introduced our new collective name, REMSA Health, with the intention to better reflect what the organization has been, and is doing, for Northern Nevada in terms of innovative healthcare services outside of the hospital setting. 

Our updated brand, REMSA Health,  more fully expresses our true role in this community, which reaches beyond emergency medical services and into innovative programming for integrated community and population health, strategic partnerships, community leadership, and health education and prevention.

This new identity stands on our 4 brand pillars:

  • Care: Healthcare solutions outside of the hospital – We are a healthcare organization that provides service that is needed, for people where they need it, when they need it, through mobile care, access through alternative means, and proactive methods to improve the health of the population. We provide high-quality, healthcare solutions for our communities and develop meaningful partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations to do it for the good of the people we serve.
  • Innovation: Evolutionary ideas that are revolutionary – We are more than simply a public safety or an emergency medical services agency. We are never content with the status quo of health care in our community. As such, we commit to continuously developing the programs, the partnerships, and the access needed to keep improving the health of the communities we serve. We will rise to assess and evolve to meet the evolving healthcare needs of our community with creativity, ingenuity and technology. Our history is rooted in responsiveness; our future is reliant on staying ahead of the curve.
  • Community: Discovering what our communities care about – We serve the communities in which we live and work. Our community is comprised of our team members, our friends and neighbors, our colleagues, our families, our partner organizations, and the many people we don’t know yet but care about. The health of our communities is paramount to us. We’re, not only here in times of a medical emergency, but we’re committed to proactively improving the health of our communities for generations to come through care, education and prevention. We don’t burden our community financially – we are a private, nonprofit organization that receives no local tax dollars.
  • Urgency: Real-time solutions for real-life challenges – Everything we do, we do with urgency. Whether we are instructing the husband of a woman having a baby to help with the birth at home, to flying to a multiple-vehicle accident in rural Nevada, to developing critically needed programs for home care of the chronically ill or rising to the occasion during a pandemic to serve people in need, we do everything with a sense of urgency. We analyze, create programs and services, and provide our communities that need anything related to health care outside of the hospital, with urgency — because their needs are urgent, and because we have the experience, ability and drive to do so.

We are more than just ambulances and helicopters; we are community healthcare leaders, partners and educators. We are an organization rooted in responsiveness, but always reliant on staying ahead of the curve. We are caretakers of patients and family members, friends and neighbors, colleagues and partners. We are… REMSA Health.


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