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Emergency medical services and mobile health care are a vital part of our community. The need for emergency care arises so quickly yet makes such an important impact on our lives. Did you receive life-saving care over the phone from one of our medical 9-1-1 dispatchers? Did a paramedic exceed patient care expectations? Did our administrative staff provide outstanding customer service? Now is the time to show your appreciation by sending a thank you note to our REMSA and Care Flight team members.

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Who You’re Thanking

Paramedics, AEMTS and EMTS

The REMSA paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and advanced emergency medical technicians (AEMTs) are responsible for all medical 9-1-1 responses in Washoe County. We have specialized crews for every situation and are dedicated to achieving excellent patient outcomes.

Care Flight Nurses, Flight Medics and Pilots

For nearly 40 years, Care Flight has provided 24/7 critical care transport service throughout the region. They are highly-trained providers comprised of Certified Flight Nurses and Critical Care Paramedics caring for critical patients by air and ground ambulance.

Medical 9-1-1 Dispatchers

Our medical 9-1-1 dispatchers provide over-the-phone emergency care in REMSA's internationally accredited communications center. This team dispatches ground ambulances and responds to requests for our critical care air transport using leading technology and reliable data.

Nurse Health Line Nurses

Our Nurse Health Line registered nurses provide evidence-based care 24/7 over the phone. The Nurse Health Line answers 15,000 calls annually and spends an average of 15 minutes on each patient call.

Education Coordinators

As a Nevada-licensed, post-secondary educational institute, our educators offer EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, certification and recertification courses. Each month, they educate more than 1,600 students through continuing and public education courses.

Fleet and Logistics

REMSA's team of dedicated mechanics and logistics technicians are responsible for ensuring that REMSA's 44 advanced life support ambulances are in a safe, reliable condition and stocked with medical equipment and are always ready for the next call.

Administration Staff

REMSA and Care Flight's administrative staff support the important mobile healthcare work across the organization and includes human resources, accounting, business management and information technology.


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