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Silver Saver — REMSA Ground

Silver Saver Membership

As one of the top ambulance systems in the nation, REMSA is prepared to assist you when you need it most. A REMSA Silver Saver membership can help protect your pocketbook as well as REMSA protects your life, health, and safety.

If you or someone in your family requires a REMSA paramedic ambulance, will your out-of-pocket expenses be covered? REMSA’s average ambulance bill is over $1000, lower than most comparable programs in the nation. But if you have a high Medicare or insurance deductible, or are on a fixed income, it may be difficult to cover these costs.

The Silver Saver membership protects your entire household against out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and co-payments that may not be covered by your insurance policy, Medicare, or other health benefits payor… for medically necessary paramedic ambulance services from REMSA.

However, Silver Saver is not an insurance policy, nor is it meant to be a substitute for health insurance. If you have no insurance or other coverage, or if your insurance company or other payor denies payment, you will be responsible for the payment of the fees for those services… but REMSA will discount them by 30 percent for Silver Saver members.

For only $75 a year, your household is covered for up to 10 medically necessary REMSA ambulance transports per year. With Silver Saver, you’re covered whether you live at home, in a senior living center, or nursing home. Silver Saver does not cover Care Flight, REMSA’s emergency helicopter service.

Flight Plan — Care Flight

Flight Plan Membership

If you ski, mountain bike, boat, hike or camp near northern Nevada’s or northeastern California’s beautiful backcountry, Care Flight’s Flight Plan is right for you. The value and coverage provided by Flight Plan is also right for retirees, senior citizens, families and for anyone who lives, works and plays in the Great Basin community.

Structured as an annual purchase, a Flight Plan membership will cover reasonable, out-of-pocket costs if medically necessary air ambulance transport is needed. Flight Plan membership extends to everyone in your household. Care Flight will work with a patient’s insurance company to maximize coverage, but for any remaining charges, a $65 Flight Plan membership may save you thousands of dollars.

From the effective date of your membership, there is a three-day waiting period until you may access the Flight Plan membership benefits.

In addition, Care Flight is a member of the Association of Air Medical Membership Programs so your Flight Plan membership will be honored for emergency air medical transports by select reciprocation programs* including:

  • Air St. Luke’s – Boise, Idaho
  • Enloe FlightCare – Chico, California
  • Life Flight Montana – Missoula, Montana
  • Life Flight Network – Portland, Oregon

*Reciprocating programs are subject to change

*Silver Saver and Flight Plan memberships are administered by AirMedCareNetwork as of July 1, 2020.

Sierra Saver Membership — Plumas County Residents

Sierra Saver Membership

Care Flight Ground in Plumas County offers a ground membership plan that is designed to cover reasonable, out-of-pocket costs if medically necessary ground ambulance transport is needed. Sierra Saver membership extends to everyone in your household. Care Flight Ground will work with a patient’s insurance company to maximize coverage, but for remaining charges, a Sierra Saver membership may save you.

Sierra Saver membership is available only to persons living in the following areas and zip codes for ground ambulance services offered by Care Flight: Quincy (95971), Meadow Valley (95956), Cromberg, west of Mt. Tomba road (96103), Twain (95984), Belden Town (95915) and Storrie (95980).


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