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Trauma Intervention Program (TIP)


REMSA Health is a proud community partner of the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) is a non-profit organization that provides crucial emotional and practical support to individuals who have been impacted by traumatic events, such as accidents, violence, or natural disasters. TIP empowers people to overcome the immediate and long-term effects of trauma by providing trained volunteers to respond to crisis situations. They offer temporary aid for the affected individuals until they are able to connect with family and friends as well as find other resources in the community.

TIP’s volunteers work alongside REMSA Health responders, arriving on the scene soon after an emergency call to provide immediate assistance to those impacted by traumatic events. In many cases, REMSA Health responders may not be able to provide the level of emotional support due to the demands of the situation—and that’s where TIP volunteers make a difference. These volunteers are specifically trained to address the emotional needs of people in crisis. This partnership with REMSA Health personnel ensures that people affected by the traumatic events receive compassionate, comprehensive care.

TIP has been providing assistance for over 30 years, and their services are available in more than 250 cities across the United States. They are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are equipped to help people regardless of the type of trauma or the severity of the situation.

TIP is an invaluable resource for individuals and communities as traumatic events can occur at any time. Their trained volunteers offer a shoulder to cry on and hope to those who may feel lost or alone in these difficult times.
Looking for additional information on the Trauma Intervention Program? Visit their website to learn more.


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