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PulsePoint Respond

Save Lives in Your Community

When someone’s heart stops and you’re nearby, you could provide life-saving care. PulsePoint Respond is a free 911-connected app that can immediately inform you when CPR is needed or other emergencies occur.

Becoming a Lifesaving Volunteer

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time, anywhere. PulsePoint Respond empowers CPR-trained citizens as well as those in the immediate area without training to provide life-saving services by reducing collapse-to-CPR and collapse-to-AED times in time-sensitive emergencies like cardiac arrest. The PulsePoint Respond app increases situational awareness in the community by notifying people that they are in the immediate vicinity of an event while simultaneously alerting a conventional EMS response, which can greatly improve patient outcomes. Through the app, citizens in the community can save lives and get instruction on how to give CPR if they don’t already have the training until the ambulance arrives.

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Get Notified of Emergency Activity in Real-Time

The Pulsepoint Respond app also keeps the community informed of emergencies around them in real-time, notifying users of significant events that may impact them. From accidents on commutes to wildfires, floods, utility emergencies, and more, the PulsePoint App builds a connected, reliable and engaged network of CPR-trained and situationally aware individuals that can respond when it’s needed most. Stay in the know and help protect our community.

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