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Tactical Emergency Medical Services Program

Since the formalization of REMSA’s TEMS Program in 1997, REMSA has trained and placed a highly experienced group of paramedics with local law enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams including the Sparks Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, and the Reno Police Department. This team is comprised of eight specially-trained tactical paramedics, as well as a team leader and team commander. The team operates under an expanded scope of practice, overseen by the REMSA Medical Director. Equipped with special medical gear, team members attend all SWAT trainings and missions. The team provides advanced emergency medical care to injured officers, hostages, suspects and the general public, at the point of injury while on scene during police activities.

TEMS members are chosen through an intensive physical agility test and interview process, which includes representatives from the local SWAT teams. TEMS members must be physically fit, clinically sound, and able to make critical decisions in stressful environments. 

Throughout the community and as part of REMSA Health’s Center for Integrated Health and Community Education, the TEMS medics provide instruction for a number of different classes including Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Law Enforcement Officers, and Bleeding control for the injured, or B-Con.


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