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REMSA Ambulance


Paramedics are trained in advanced cardiac life support, neonatal resuscitation, pediatric advanced life support and trauma life support. Paramedics have a vast knowledge of medications, cardiac interpretations and anatomy. They carry medications that can correct cardiac dysrhythmias, severe breathing problems, overdoses and pregnancy issues. Paramedics also have advanced skill sets allowing them to perform in field lifesaving procedures.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT)

AEMTs and Paramedics work closely together. AEMTs have expanded knowledge on anatomy, physiology, skills, and medication administration from the EMT level. AEMTs can perform several skills under the direction of their Paramedic and work collaboratively to provide safe, appropriate care in a variety of situations including 911 calls,  interfacility transfers and special event standbys.

Emergency Medical Technicians

An EMT is the building block of an EMS career. As an EMT you learn how to control and manage bleeding, shock, pregnancy complications, minor to moderate burns, trauma, and allergic reactions. EMTs work as part of the larger system at REMSA providing vital care on ambulances, or coverage at special events and much more. This essential position allows you to advance to higher levels of certification while working in the EMS field.


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