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We are now REMSA Health!

There’s a lot to be celebrated around here at REMSA and Care Flight.

First, this week is National Emergency Medical Services Week (#EMSWeek), an event that celebrates the important contributions of EMS practitioners in safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of the communities they serve. In the 46 years that EMS Week has been celebrated, there have been a handful of exceptional events that have caused us to reflect on the contributions of first responders and emergency services healthcare providers. Certainly the global pandemic of 2020 will now be among them and has become the standard bearer for generations of future EMS providers when we think about selfless and tireless work. We hope you’ll take a moment this week to thank not only the paramedics, nurses and EMTs at REMSA and Care Flight, but the first responders and EMS providers throughout the country and around the world, and of course those on the frontlines in our nation’s hospitals.

Next, it is a very important year for both REMSA and Care Flight as they celebrate their 35th and 40th anniversaries respectively. In case you missed it, KTVN recently helped us celebrate Care Flight’s milestone with an inside look at how we operate.

There have been many changes in health care in our decades of operation, including the way we respond to calls for medical care and in providing solutions to care outside of the hospital setting. REMSA is not just a one-dimensional medical transport company – the care we provide is dynamic and extensive. To consider us as just public safety is limiting and does not fully reflect the contributions of our emergency medical technicians, our paramedics and our nurses. We feel it is time for the representation of our brand to clearly communicate all that we do, which leads us to our next reason to celebrate.

Today, we are excited to introduce ourselves as REMSA Health. For the first time since 1992, we are changing the visual representation of our brand to more fully express our true role in this community. As a non-profit organization that receives no local taxpayer dollars and is funded only through user fees, we have always been innovative and ahead of others in our field as we provide solutions to care outside of the hospital setting. This change is a natural evolution to better reflect all that we have been providing and exactly how we have been innovating for years.

Health care has changed, and so have we. We are a community organization which provides a full range of innovative healthcare services outside of the hospital setting. Our services include an multi-platform critical care transport program, an internationally accredited Regional Emergency Communications Center, a Nevada-licensed Center for Integrated Health and Community Education, Community Paramedics, an accredited Nurse Health Line, and special operations and special events teams. We develop meaningful partnerships with local, regional and national organizations for the good of the people we serve. We have served as a national model for an innovative program, focused on reducing the unnecessary use of emergency healthcare services, which is now used at more than 200 EMS agencies nationwide.

For northern Nevada and northeastern California, the name REMSA Health fully expresses all of our contributions, which include not only world-class emergency medical services, but also our evolving, innovative programs that address community and population health, strategic partnerships, leadership and health education and prevention. We are more than just ambulances and helicopters; we are community healthcare leaders, partners and educators. We are an organization rooted in responsiveness, but always reliant on staying ahead of the curve. We are caretakers of patients and family members, friends and neighbors, colleagues and partners. We are… REMSA Health.


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