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REMSA Partners with Vivify Health to Screen Employees for COVID-19

Vivify Health, the developer of the nation’s leading connected care platform for remote patient care, announced today it has partnered with the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) to implement Vivify’s COVID-19 Screening and Monitoring Pathways, enabling both high and low-risk employees to self-screen for COVID-19 at home using their mobile devices.

Vivify designed the COVID-19 Screening Pathway to stop the virulent spread of COVID-19 by providing a user-friendly, at-home screening option. By making the solution available on mobile devices, users can continually upload and update their symptoms, which are monitored remotely by providers; users can also receive regular updates based on current CDC guidelines.

Since partnering with Vivify over the past few months, 340 of REMSA’s 500 employees have voluntarily enrolled to participate in the COVID-19 Screening program, a 68 percent enrollment rate. REMSA has had multiple cases of employees having symptoms of influenza-like illness and were able to monitor and follow them through their recovery using technology.

Through Vivify, the care team is able to catch symptoms early, direct employees to get tested and self-isolate, and provide organizational support to them. REMSA is closely following the guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) whereby employers may screen employees for COVID-19.

“Keeping frontline healthcare workers safe has never been more critical as it is during this pandemic,” said Eric Rock, founder and CEO of Vivify Health. “It is essential for healthcare providers to leverage technology like remote patient monitoring, not only to keep patients safe, but also the essential workers who care for them.”

With the Vivify COVID-19 Screening pathway, employers have the ability to customize the screening pathway with questions that are specific to their workforce, such as, “If you have been in contact with an infected person, did you have adequate PPE?”

For REMSA employees, which include office staff as well as healthcare providers who respond to emergency calls in northern and rural Nevada and northeastern California, the convenience of Vivify’s COVID-19 Pathways allows for easy access to screening and monitoring on a daily basis. This helps REMSA reduce the risk of exposure for already-vulnerable patients and keep infected employees from passing on the virus to others.

“As the largest employer of mobile health care personnel in northern Nevada, REMSA responds to more than 70,000 requests for service every year,” said Markus Dorsey-Hirt, REMSA’s Chief Nursing Officer. “As our community worked to flatten the curve, and now moves through our reopening phases, REMSA has a responsibility to keep our providers and staff healthy and well. Implementing Vivify’s COVID-19 Screening Pathway, provides reassurance to our employees, as well as our patients and first responder colleagues. Our employees have told us that this screening tool helps them feel supported and able to quickly get direction for their questions.”


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