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Puffy Coats and Car Seats – What You Need to Know

baby in car seat

Francisco Ceballos shares information and tips about keeping children warm AND safe in their car seats throughout the winter.

Video Transcription

Hi, all! This is Francisco, community programs coordinator here at REMSA. With the holiday season coming up and us traveling near and far, we want to make sure that our little ones are safe. In the winter, we try to give them big, puffy jackets to keep them warm, however, when we’re putting them in the car seat, that can be dangerous as it can compress during a crash. So, in order to avoid that, we want to make sure you put the child in restraint and then you put the jacket on backward for them. This way, it keeps them warm and safe during the ride. During the winter, we want to make sure that they’re warm and safe, so you’ll want to put no more than one layer of clothing on that you have.

Happy holidays!


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