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Care Resources

REMSA Health cares about our community and has been the first step in medical care for decades in Washoe County. But with the unprecedented medical times we are facing, we need our community to help us continue to have the resources necessary to provide top-quality emergency care for patients that are in an emergency medical situations.

On average, more than 30% of medical calls REMSA Health receives are for first-aid level care. That means we’re sending emergency transport for things like sprained ankles, sore throats, and toothaches, which takes away vital resources for serious emergencies like strokes, heart attacks, and severe allergic reactions.

REMSA Health is focused on reducing the unnecessary use of emergency transport services by offering alternative care resources. All of these are safe, convenient and appropriate ways to be evaluated and treated, either entirely at home or in an urgent care location, which frees up resources for us and makes sure we can continue to be there when it matters most. 


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This page should not be used in an emergency to decide the right level of care. When in doubt, call 9-1-1.

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