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REMSA Community Paramedics Extend Community Health Program Into the Workplace

The Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) announces that its Community Paramedics are part of a contract to assess and provide first aid and non-urgent treatment for on-the-job injuries in an ongoing effort to support access to the right level of healthcare. The program is offered through a partnership with Workplace Medical Services (WMS).

“We are proud to say that our Community Paramedics program is a national model,” said Elaine Messerli, Director of Community Health, REMSA. “Working with WMS to treat low-acuity job-site injuries with a community paramedic is a perfect example of the cornerstone of community health. Getting patients the right level of care, at the right time for the lowest cost.”

The service is provided through REMSA’s Community Health Programs and is offered 24/7 to WMS contracted businesses. If a contracted company, within a 60-mile radius of the city of Reno, experiences a job site injury, a REMSA Community Paramedic will respond. Through protocols developed under the direction of REMSA’s medical director, the paramedic can evaluate and treat the patient. If more advanced care is immediately needed, the paramedic can provide treatment until an ambulance arrives to transport the patient. If emergent care is not needed, the community paramedic will make a recommendation to the patient and WMS about seeking the most appropriate level of care.

“REMSA’s Community Paramedicine program was a national pioneer and had an outstanding reputation,” said Pierce Granstrom, President of Workplace Medical Services (WMS). “Their expertise made them the obvious choice as our partner for this program. Keeping non-emergent workplace injuries out of the emergency room and avoiding unnecessary ambulance transports helps employers keep their healthcare costs lower and that benefits everyone.”

Current contracted businesses include industries ranging from mining to construction, from telecommunications to landscaping. For more information on contracting with WMS and the REMSA Community Paramedics, please call: 775-685-6111.


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