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What You Need to Know About Medical Dispatch

For more than 34 years, REMSA has met the community’s growing out-of-hospital health care needs. One of the best ways to do that is to have only one dispatch center providing emergency medical care over the phone, before the paramedics arrive. Right now, REMSA’s paramedic and EMT dispatchers provide lifesaving care when you call 911. Some of the reasons that this system works well for our region include: 

  • It’s not funded by taxpayer dollars. Since REMSA – which is a private, non-profit organization – is required by its agreement with Washoe County to provide medical dispatch, the region’s medical dispatch care is currently provided at NO cost to Washoe County taxpayers.
  • We must assume that 100% of the people that call 911 for a medical emergency need an ambulance; they may not need other public safety services like a firetruck, but they are expecting an ambulance. So, it makes the most sense for REMSA to provide the medical dispatch services and send an ambulance as quickly as possible while providing lifesaving care over the phone.
  • REMSA is the regional medical dispatch expert. Not to brag – ok, we’re bragging a little because we’re just so proud of our providers – REMSA has been internationally accredited by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch for 19 years. This means that REMSA’s medical dispatch center fulfills clinical, quality and performance standards required to earn and maintain industry-leading accreditation.
  • All of REMSA’s medical dispatchers are EMTs or Paramedics. It’s true that not all dispatchers have to be medically trained to provide great care, but think about it like this. Not all babysitters have to be paramedics, but if your babysitter is a paramedic wouldn’t you feel more comfortable leaving your children with them? REMSA’s medically trained dispatchers have the knowledge, and in many cases, the in-the-field experience, to understand the nuances of providing care over the phone.

If you were satisfied with the health care you received from one of REMSA’s medical dispatchers, say thank you!


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