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15 REMSA Health Team Members Recognized for Outstanding Achievements at EMS Week Award Ceremony

15 REMSA Health Team Members Recognized for Outstanding Achievements at EMS Week Award Ceremony 

On Thursday, May 20, REMSA Health and Care Flight held our annual EMS Week Awards celebration where we honored 15 of our team members who have performed out-of-the-ordinary work in their field. These awards are intended to recognize contributions that are outside of a typical scope of work and are considered highly-commendable acts of service dedication, clinical/work-related excellence, compassion and innovation. From patient care providers, to ancillary and administrative staff, each of the below recipients was nominated by their peers for their outstanding contributions to the organization.

Military Recognition — Our event began with recognition of two of our EMS Supervisors for their outstanding contributions during their military service. While on deployment to the War in Afghanistan, Mason Burkhart served as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic in support of combat operations in 2019-2020. While deployed to Afghanistan from September 2019 through August 2020, Cody Clifford performed Point of Injury care and Critical Care to interfacility transfers. We thank them both for their honorable service and sacrifice to our country. 

STARCARE – This award recognizes patient care providers for a patient care encounter in which STARCARE guiding principles were used. Developed more than a decade ago by Thom Dick, a paramedic and journalist, STARCARE provides a checklist that can be used to analyze actions within any patient care encounter. It stands for safe, team-based, attentive to human needs, respectful, custom raccountable, appropriate, reasonable and ethical. 

Congratulations to Matt Hauth, Regional Emergency Communications Center Supervisor and Wendye Markowitz, Care Flight ground Paramedic! 

Achievement Medal Bar – This award recognizes those who performed a notable act of distinction related to patient care in a time of significant need and reflects the integrity and devotion of the individual. 

Congratulations to Paramedic, Derek Gay, Paramedic, Kevin Purtuit and EMT, Gerry Hendrick! 

Commendation Medal Bar – This award recognizes those who displayed a highly unusual act of distinction while playing a major role in patient care in a time of significant need. These individuals showed admirable initiative and accomplishment. 

Congratulations to Paramedic, Nicole Beatie, EMT, Skyler Fraga, EMS Supervisor, Sam Blesse and EMS Supervisor, Mark Thomas! 

Meritorious Medal Bar – This award recognizes individuals for an exceptional or extraordinary act of service performed within EMS work. THis award also recognizes an act that is courageous, undertaken in adverse conditions and/or in the course of a particular EMS emergency or event.

Congratulations to Chief Nursing Officer, Markus Dorsey-Hirt, EMT, Ethan Gallagher, EMS Manager, Andrew Massey, Paramedic, Zach Redmond, AEMT, Christian Franklin and Health and Safety Supervisor, Steve Kopp! 

Provider of the Year Awards — This year, REMSA Health broadened our award categories to include providers or staff members of the year across all departments. These award recipients were nominated by their colleagues and leaders and were selected based on criteria that includes providing superior patient care or customer service, demonstrating the very best attributes of a patient care provider or employee, is an effective advocate for patients or customers, works with peers to foster a positive work environment and demonstrates professionalism. 

Congratulations to the following: 

  • AEMT Provider of the Year – Bill Craig 
  • Ground Operations Paramedic Provider of the Year – Brain Fullgraf 
  • Care Flight Ground Provider of the Year — LeeAnne Goniea, AEMT 
  • Care Flight Healthcare Provider of the Year — Jamie Hacker 
  • Integrated Health Community Educator of the Year — Alma Marin 
  • Integrated Health Educator of the Year — Jenny Walters  
  • Administrative Person of the Year — Sarah Vonarx
  • Newcomer of the Year — Phil Saberano, IT Department 

ONE TEAM — Finally, the ONE TEAM award recognizes an employee’s commitment to our organization’s brand pillars – care, innovation, community and urgency. This year’s award was given to Emergency Manager Brian Taylor, who many would say would give the shirt off their back to help someone. His deep commitment to customer service, both internally and externally, focus on patient and employee safety, and his boundless positivity and good nature are essential qualities in being part of the team that guided REMSA Health through the pandemic.

We congratulate all of our EMS Week Awards recipients and could not be more proud to call them a part of the REMSA Health team.


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