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Safety Above All Else

Flight Safety in High Desert Climate

The beautiful high desert climate of northern Nevada and northeastern California make it a perfect place to live and play but it can be a tough place to fly a helicopter. The extreme conditions can create difficult aviation situations including brownouts, white outs, turbulence and intense density altitude. In addition to their regular aviation training, pilots receive mountain and environmental training when they join the Care Flight team. The AStar 350 B3 model is specifically designed for high altitude flying. In addition, all four helicopters are equipped with:

  • Night Vision Goggles that enhance visibility during nighttime transports so pilots and crew can better detect hazards and obstructions and allow for greater situational awareness
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems (HTAWS) which shows approaching obstacles, so pilots can steer clear well in advance
  • GPS which provides an all-in-one navigation and communication unit that makes navigation calculations and map redraw rates at a fast speed making it easier for pilots to read and interpret critical information.
  • XM Satellite Weather which gives pilots access to constantly-updated, high-resolution weather information, right in the cockpit.
  • Satellite Tracking which transmits real-time position reports via satellite, creating operational efficiency, improved crew support and aircraft monitoring 24 hours a day in our air communications center by our communication specialists.

For questions about safety, contact our Safety Coordinator:

Bill Landon
Flight Paramedic, Safety Coordinator


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