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Preserving 911 and Ambulance Response Resources

Click here to see a list of non-emergency healthcare resources in our area.

Preserving 911 and ambulance response resources is more important now than ever before. As our community experiences very high COVID-19 transmission rates, REMSA Health’s call volume has also increased – yet many of these calls are for non-emergency, first-aid level care. 

An emergency – stroke, heart attack, uncontrolled bleeding, cardiac arrest, severe allergic reaction – requires a quick response and the highest level of emergency care. With limited resources available, an ambulance may not be available for a true emergency because paramedics and EMTs could be responding to things like a toothache, a sprained ankle or a rash. 

Please do your part in preserving emergency resources for true emergencies. Consider alternative healthcare options such as urgent care or telehealth. If you do call 911 and you don’t have an emergency, you will be transferred to one of our registered nurses who can get you the right care.   




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