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Posted by Barbara Kozera

I want to thank all the EMT's who responded to my many calls for help with abdominal pain. I had surgery Jan 2,2021 with eight inches of small intestine removed. So far all is well and I hope the problem has ended. Thank You again. Barbara

Posted by Scott Curtis

I’m security for a mobile home park in Reno. This evening, I arrived to find two medics in ambulance #4 tending to a patient. These two gentlemen were so kind and attentive that I wanted to thank them for their terrific service. What a great representation they are for REMSA. I know the patient and family appreciated the exemplary care.

Posted by Patricia Eby

Thanks so much for you care after my unfortunate fall yesterday. I am home and doing fine. My first and I hope only call on your services. Blessings, Patricia Eby

Posted by susan koepnick

thank-you everyone involved, i can't remember much, but i woke up safe in the hospital b/c of you. another incident on 10/15/2020, you were needed once more, this time i required stitches, w/o you in our small place on earth we all would be lost. thank-you all. . . .susan

Posted by Dan Francke

Thank you to the careflight team that rescued my girlfriend today! My crew is so appreciative of your quick response and diligent effort. You saved a life today! -Dan

Posted by MIK Staeck

To the gentleman that handled the messy 911 call: Writing as a RN with 30 plus years ER experience, I would like to thank you very much for your calm, helpful professionalism. Thank you, MikStaeck RN

Posted by Michelle Poulton

I am very grateful to the people who managed to get me out of my home, into the ambulance, and to the hospital. I know I was in distress and I was difficult to work with. I apologize for that, and I want you to know how thankful I am that you came to my rescue! I owe you my life!!!

Posted by Jackie Sieben

Thank you for your amazing advice nurse service. I was feeling hopeless when I “pressed 5 to speak to an advice nurse” after having received the lowest level of service from a different healthcare provider after I’d cut a fingertip off. I was sent home from two other urgent care visits with zero instructions regarding my wound or how to care for it both times. I called another emergency department 5 days after the injury because I didn’t know if my wound was getting infected. I had called urgent care locations twice and listened to their 5-minute recording both times, knowing they’d never call me back. (I have lived in Stateline 33 years and so know what kind of service to expect). But Behold! When somebody answered your line (her name was Lee - she’s an R.N.) on the advice nurse line from REMSA, I was shocked! And when she was amazing, helpful, caring and totally professional, well, she made my month. Thank you so much. It makes such a difference. I will be singing REMSA’s praises to anybody who will listen from now on. What a helpful service. It surely makes a difference in people’s lives. God bless.

Posted by Phyllis Maxwell

Just wanted to say thanks for saving my life. I was pretty out of it, but your showing up calmed my husband right down, once he was able to put my life in your capable hands. I was the one out in Lemmon Valley with the blood pressure of 69/48, remember me? Without you being in the right place and the right time I would not be writing this today. Cannot express my gratitude enough for what you do, not just for me but the entire community here. You are true heroes and I appreciate you getting me to the hospital in time for me to undergo emergent surgery and while I had a rough go there, the ride to the hospital was definitely the highlight of that experience and you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Donna Hustace

Thank you so much to the entire team that helped us when my husband was bucked off of his horse while working cattle. Everyone was so helpful and caring. Those guys got him to Reno in record time and were caring and educated. Thank you!!! Donna Hustace

Posted by Anonymous

On 10.27.2020 I was driving along Double R Blvd when I suddenly couldn't focus. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and I was having a hard time breathing. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I honestly thought I was dying. I pulled off to the gas station in front of Smiths and rested, but it wouldn't go away. I went to dial 911 and I couldn't see the numbers on the keypad. So, the gas station attendant called for me. Two gentlemen named Mark and Alex were there in literally 3 minutes. Their calmness was remarkable. I wish there was a better phrase than 'Thank You' to express how grateful I am. They were professional, informative, and so very kind. You are lucky to have them as employees and I hope you consider them a huge asset to your company. I ended up being admitted to the hospital. My lab work came back critical and if it wasn't for their prompt response, who knows what could have happened. From my whole heart....Thank you. Please know you are respected and appreciated.

Posted by Dyana Selby-Davis

October 28 is National First Responders Day - I want to Thank all of the REMSA Care Flight EMTs, Paramedics, FTOs, Flight Nurses, Pilots and Crews. The Logistics Teams. The Communications Teams. The Education Team. And all of the support folks behind the scene that go into making the REMSA Care Flight operation work! Everyday you risk your life and your own health to care for the people of our community, northern Nevada and northeastern California. This year has been harder on you than any year before. And every day you suit up and show up and take care of our patients. You amaze me. Thank you - for all you do!

Posted by Anonymous

I very much appreciate the care REMSA personnel showed to my daughter yesterday evening. The Paramedic must have suggested bringing the gurney to transfer her. They took such care when it became necessary to strap her down. I've been an ambulance passenger a few times & have always taken notice at how truly kind and professional everyone has been toward me. Thank you so very much for what you do, and the way in which you care for your patients. It takes a special kind of grace & knowledge for a person to handle every clients bad &/or critically dangerous day.

Posted by Melanie Thompson

I am writing to thank Ryan and Jose on Medic Unit 10, who responded to a call from my 94 year old mother who had fallen. I was so impressed by their professionalism and the calmness they created in a very tense and upsetting situation. These two young men are wise beyond their years as well as being so obviously highly trained and skilled. My mother fell the night before and instead of pushing her emergency button she laid on the floor all night long. She finally used the button for help at 5:00 in the morning and I was notified by the company. I arrived at my mother's condo at the same time as Ryan and Jose and they attended to my mother who had not sustained any injuries and but was dehydrated and uncomfortable. I am embarrassed to say that I became very angry that my mother had not used the emergency button sooner, not only did they make my mom feel better but they calmed me down as well. I thought about it later and was so grateful that they understood that I was upset too. My mother is doing well and I am so grateful that Ryan and Jose were the ones who helped us that early morning. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness as well as your skills as EMTs. There are not enough superlatives to describe Ryan and Jose. Sincerely, Melanie Thompson

Posted by RiliAnne Williams

I wanted to express gratitude to Nicholas Lieberman for his qualitative job while working in Tonopah on 9/18/2020. Nick’s thoroughness and ability to think critically forward directly impacted the patient and improved their outcome. He provided us important and pertinent dispatch information. Upon our arrival, there was notable improvement in the patient’s condition. He provided us with a detailed transfer of care. We are grateful to Nick and his partner that night and wanted to be sure to say thanks! -RiliAnne Williams Reach63(Ely Crew)

Posted by Dr. Kristina Deeter, Medical Director, Renown Children's Hospital

I wanted to reach out to say thank you so much for everything you do. Recently, my 17-year-old daughter was T-boned at high speed on Ryland Avenue. My husband and I were three hours away and felt completely helpless. She ended up upside down in her Subaru, and she was pulled out with only one scratch on her elbow. REMSA responded immediately to the 911 call made by her car. The paramedics checked her out in the ambulance. I was able to talk to Leanna who told me her vitals were fine and she looked great. We talked about letting her go home instead of to the emergency department. She was professional and reassuring. I wish that I had written down her name at the time, but honestly, my head was spinning. I went into mommy mode instead of physician mode. Please let the team know how much I appreciate them.

Matt and I are acutely aware of how differently the day could’ve gone. I feel absolutely confident in the skills of your team and appreciate their immediate response. When I teach at REMSA, I always start out commenting that the people in the room that I am teaching might be the ones who end up taking care of one of my family members. How true that was this week! You guys were great with my daughter and helped keep her calm and confident.

Editor's note: the crew Dr. Deeter is referring to includes Leanna Espin, Paramedic, Brady Longero, Paramedic and Michael Ormsby, Paramedic

Posted by Peggy Roberts

Took the fear out of my first experience in an ambulance. Thank you for being gentle, considerate and helped me get through a difficult time!

Posted by Clifford johnson

I want to thank the EMTs for the kind and caring care I was given. They were both professional and do very caring work! Thank you! Clifford Johnson and Family

Posted by Monty Emery

I wanted to thank the helo crews for many years of teamwork. I recently retired from the CHP (H-20/H-24) as a pilot and had the privilege of working with many Care Flight crews. Thank you !

Posted by Julie Hallauer

Thank you to Bryan Hallauer for putting your heart and soul into your job! I know how hard you work. Thank you. I would trust you to save me anytime!

Posted by Karen McKernan

I was asleep, unconscious and in a coma for two weeks after my initial helicopter ride so unable to say thank you at the time to the January 1985 flight crew. I recently wrote a little bio-piece including this horrible incident that positively shaped my life and thought I would share. Hopefully the crew is enjoying retirement and long walks on the beach! But thank you all for what you do even if your patients can't say thank you at the moment!  

Posted by Nikki Rynhart

Jordan 911 operator: Fantastic!!! The second I got on the phone with her... She put me at ease... She's wonderful!!! Kelsey: Fan fricken tastic!!! What a great emt!!! Knowledgeable, calming, friendly Sam: another great emt!!! Beautiful wonderful lifesavers!!! THEY ALL DESERVE RAISES

Posted by Anonymous

I’d love to give a special thank you to the crew on 1C-24 who helped me out Wednesday night with someone who needed medical attention. They were very professional and remained cool under pressure, even when the patient was uncooperative. From one employee to another, stay safe out there!

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the customer service line and my legs seemed to give out on me. I did not faint. My best guess is that I was probably dehydrated. The woman behind me in line helped me and the REMSA crew all did an excellent job taking care of me. I also wanted to let you know I had a cat scan (spell?) and there were no fractures or other problems. Thanks again for your excellent response & care, especially during this pandemic situation.

Posted by Shannon Dillon

Thank you for serving our community and thank you for all that you do!

Posted by Penny Jensen

Thank you Bryan Hallauer for working so hard for all who need you on the front line! Thank you for being such a wonderful father and husband, despite the adversity you see every day while working. Most of all, thanks for always keeping it positive and thrilling!!

Posted by Megan

I wanted to thank the Nurse Health Line nurses for their 24/7 care and attention. I have two young kiddos and when they get sick and need attention at midnight and I'm unsure about the next steps of care, I can always rely on the advice of REMSA's nurses. They bring clarity to my midnight foggy mind.

Posted by Anonymous

The medics did everything in their power to get me to the hospital and make sure everything was ready when I got there. It was real easy getting into the hospital as well. And they came and checked up on me which I thought was really nice since my wife hadn't shown up yet. They just really made me feel like I mattered to them.

Posted by Anonymous

Your team saved my son's life. They were amazing, along with the 9-1-1 operator who was so awesome, calm and led me through what I would have never known how to do or thought I was capable of doing to assist until your team of angels arrived.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say thank you for all your efforts and compassion. You are a true blessing to our community...I knew my son was in wonderful hands when you arrived.

Posted by Anonymous

As a retired nurse, I know that the first responders of any accident are the most important personnel that initiate immediate assessment, care and transport. Considering everything that I have heard about the accident, I would like to thank you for your immediate response. You saved my husband's life... If it wasn't for your fast response and assessment, my husband could have died and my life would have been forever changed.

Posted by Anonymous

My father passed away on Nov. 19. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the emergency personnel who helped us with him on several occasions before his passing. Responders were courteous, professional and efficient. Thank you from a grateful family.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to extend a thank you for taking care of me and my baby after our accident. I am sure you have seen much worse, but as you can understand, my children are the most important things in my life (even if she isn't here on earth just yet). Out of all of the emergency/medical professionals, your kindness helped put a calm to a very emotional and stressful experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Today, again, you responded to save my mom who is very fragile and weak. The female Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) I met at the hospital was an angel and so nice to my mom, me and my family. Please let the responding guardians know I'm thankful and thinking of them, and praying so hard they are rewarded with epic happiness for their effort. The level of very true humanity was present today amplified by the wonderful care and true connection to life your medics presented.


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