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At REMSA Health #CareStartsWithTheCall

You often hear us say that #CareStartsWithTheCall – and by that we mean that when you call 911, you are connected to a medically-trained dispatcher who can provide life-saving instructions over the phone in some of the most crucial moments of a medical emergency. But here, we get to show you what we mean when we say that, thanks to an excellent example provided by a member of our ground operations crew:

Recently, we were dispatched to a cardiac arrest and were pleasantly surprised to find the patient’s partner giving excellent CPR with dispatch on speaker. The patient had a relatively short downtime and he had been doing CPR for approximately five minutes prior to our arrival. The patient did not have a pulse but we were able to get pulses back after the first defibrillation. She maintained a pulse throughout transportation and was admitted to the ICU.

Although ground operations are on the front line and see patients themselves, there is no doubt that dispatch plays a vital role in the patient’s chain of survival and are unsung heroes. We don’t feel this praise should be unheard and want to thank Aleesha, who was the dispatcher who answered the call, for her literal life-saving work on this call. This woman may not have had a fighting chance without Aleesha’s guiding voice assessing the situation and leading her partner through an incredibly stressful event without ever laying eyes on the patient. Truly, thank you for being there and providing exceptional care!


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