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Ready Responders

Quality Care In the Comfort of Your Own Home

In early 2020, REMSA and Ready Responders announced the launch of a groundbreaking program that allows care to be delivered at home when a visit to the emergency room isn’t needed. This expanded care delivery pathway can improve the quality and experience of care while reducing the cost of healthcare.

Ready Responders is an on-demand group of healthcare professionals aiming to provide quality care to patients, expand access to care for those in need and improve the overall health of a community. REMSA is a nationally recognized, high-performance, high-value emergency medical services provider and has provided ground and air ambulance service across the region for more than three decades.

Through this unprecedented alignment of out-of-hospital services, the two organizations will navigate patients to the right level of care, thereby working to reduce preventable use of the emergency medical system and unnecessary hospital readmissions by providing quick response mobile health visits to non-emergent patients.

The partnership has two components – navigating patients to the Nurse Health Line when their medical 9-1-1 call is determined by international medical protocols to be non-emergent and navigating patients to a telehealth visit when a REMSA crew and patient decide together that a care pathway, other than an immediate transport to the emergency room, is appropriate.

For Nurse Health Line calls that meet this recommended care level, and for medical 9-1-1 calls where a patient consents to remain in their location rather than be transported, a Ready Responder provider will be dispatched to the caller’s location. The Responder will assess the patient’s condition in-person by getting baseline vital signs and observing signs and symptoms and will connect the patient via telehealth technology to a mid-level or physician provider extending the reach of the community’s medical services without the patient having to leave the home. Based on the recommendation of that provider, the Responder may assist the patient with the next steps in their care including things like making an appointment with a primary care physician, obtaining a prescription or arranging ambulance or non-ambulance transportation to the appropriate level of care.


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