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Communications Education/QI Coordinator

This position’s primary focus is to oversee the quality and accuracy of 911 call taking procedures in the Communication Center and assess and implement continuing educational needs for the Communication staff.

This position is accountable for the same functions as a Communications Specialist, with the addition of:

  • Review 911, Interfacility Transfer, and Aviation calls for service and other inquiries as outlined in the QI Process Policy and Procedure and Standard Operating Procedures for the Communications Department.
  • Annually, in coordination with Education / CQI, Communications leadership review, refresh, addend CQI / Education relevant policies, procedures, QA metrics, and training practices as appropriate.
  • Report compliance numbers monthly to the Department of Clinical Services, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Communications, monthly and to the IAED quarterly.
  • Generate, distribute, and counsel individual case review reports to staff and to supervisors monthly.
  • Generate and distribute monthly Compliance Reports to the Director of Communications, Communications Manager, CQI Manager, Medical Director, and the Medical Dispatch Review and Steering Committees.
  • Generate and distribute case reviews and compliance reports for individual communications specialists.
  • Formulate and monitor Remedial Action Plans for staff based on QI Review – coordinate with CQI Manager/Director, Communications Manager.
  • Assist with counseling and/or remediation of clinical skills deficits or other performance/knowledge issues providing evidence of loop closure.
  • Provide a minimum of (4) Continuing Dispatch Education Sessions for staff annually, in addition to coordinate, design, develop and facilitate impromptu opportunities for education as appropriate based on identified QI / QA, or organizational initiatives.
  • Coordinate, review, evaluate, and facilitate new employee orientation, CAD academy, departmental new concept trainings and remediation plans.
  • Post QI Summary reports, Compliance reports for staff and supervisors review.
  • Provide helpful information to EMD trainers regarding updates on protocols, and if requested new and interesting ways to help trainee’s progress.
  • Assist EMD’s with information on recertification.
  • Attend all EMD, MDRC and meetings.
  • Chair the MDRC Committee and maintain agendas and minutes from each meeting.
  • Interact with dynamic supervisory team in program development, problem resolution, and strategic planning/implementation.
  • Maintain current, accurate and complete knowledge of all REMSA communications, Care Flight, and emergency operations policies and procedures.
  • Facilitate a monthly Education/CQI program based on QI issues, call taking concerns or requested educational topics for Communication staff.
  • Maintain ongoing ACE QI requirements.
  • When assigned, act as CTO.
  • Other duties as assigned.

 Qualifications/ Experience Requirements

This position will assist the CQI and Clinical Services department leadership with the responsibilities of the Education/Training and CQI Department as it relates to the Communications division.

Communications Specialist qualified Paramedic, RN or AEMT/EMT. Preferably experienced in or have a working knowledge of QI/QA practices and data collection. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills needed. Strong leadership qualities necessary. Computer competency necessary.

Additional qualifications:

  • Current or previous experience EMT, Advanced EMT, Paramedic or Registered Nurse (RN), required.
    • Paramedic or RN preferred
  • At least 2 years full-time experience as an EMD and / or SSM in a high-performance EMS system.
  • Proficiency in all aspects of Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) and System Status Management (SSM).
  • Communications Training Officer experience preferred.
  • Self-directed requiring little oversight.
  • Fluency in all communications protocols, programs, and system operational requirements required.
  • Computer proficiency in all systems used by the Communications Center.
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